Please send any questions or enquiries to me at ldrowcroft@gmail.com

BACKGROUND INFORMATION. I am Lloyd Rowcroft and welcome you to my web site. I specialise mainly in rugs and textiles from Morocco, and, as I live in the southern tip of Spain and Morocco is only a 35 minute ferry ride away, am able share my time between the two countries. I still have a keen interest in Central Asian pieces and during the 1980ís and 1990ís made many trips through that region as a rug buyer. All the pieces on this website are in my studio in Spain. I can supply virtually any type and size of Moroccan rug from my warehouse in Morocco and will ship directly from there.

This web site is divided into rugs, carpets, kilims and artifacts from Morocco and Central Asia, Services and Contact. The Moroccan section is divided into rugs which are small, medium, large and extra-large and woven-to-order carpets. Then come kilims/flat weaves, woven bags and artifacts and finally other types of artifacts.

Buying rugs recently from a Berber trader in the High Atlas mountains of southern Morocco.   The bottom photo shows the buying of rugs from Afghans in the North West Frontier near the Khyber Pass in Central Asia. Although taken 30 years apart the common denominator of enjoying bread and tea before discussions begin is shown in both.  Fortunately some things never change.

The smaller Central Asia section contains pages for rugs, kilims/flat weaves and bags and animal trappings of all kinds. The second section shows all non-woven artifacts.


Each piece sold is accompanied by an email file containing photographs, detailed description including origin, age and text book references where available. Notes on care and maintenance are also provided.  I have several hundred customers and have shipped to 36 countries.  All orders are sent by various couriers and tracking numbers sent to buyers.  We check the progress of each order daily and keep you informed.

My studio is equipped for washing, repair and restoration which can range from simple first aid to full scale reconstruction. I only carry our justifiable work. Please see the section on Cleaning and Repair which shows past examples of work.

You are always welcome to ask questions about any hand woven rug or textile and I will do my best to provide answers from my experience and extensive library.

RUGS TO CLEAR - southern Spain is very cosmopolitan and I see rugs owned by people from South and Central America, North Africa as well as most of Europe and some Middle Eastern countries. Many transactions occur when customers move from larger to smaller houses or vice versa. I often take rugs as a part exchange which are not in my specialised categories. I am always happy to do this if they are decent, interesting pieces. They are washed if necessary and sold very inexpensively in this section.