CLEARANCE -  southern Spain is very cosmopolitan and I see rugs owned by people from South and Central America, North Africa as well as most of Europe and some Middle Eastern countries. Many transactions occur when customers move from larger to smaller houses or vice versa. I often take rugs as a part exchange which are not in my specialised categories. I am always happy to do this if they are decent, interesting pieces. They are washed if necessary and sold very inexpensively in this section.

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UZBEKISTAN EMBROIDERY The cotton background is very finely embroidered in cotton and silk with traditional Uzbek motifs. The slit in the central panel indicates that it would have been used to slip over the head of a very small child and used as a bib. Reference 2643. Size 27 x 35cms. 1ft.3in. x 1ft.2in. Euros 12 plus postage.

AFGHAN KILIM. A large piece from the region of Maimani in north west Afghanistan. Excellent condition and intact. Lies perfectly flat. Reference 2546. Size 385 x 200 cms., or 12ft. 8ins. x 6ft. 7ins. Euros 125. Shipping cost depends on destination.

BELOUCH SALT BAG woven by the Mushwami Belouch in the North West Frontier. Nicely embroidered design. Good condition with no faults. Reference 2532. Size 52 x 35 cms., or 21 x 14 ins. Euros 15 plus postage.

LARGE SILK CARPET FROM KASHMIR. Pile low in places but in good condition with original end fringes and sides. Reference 2681. Size 377 x 276 cms., or 12ft. 5ins. x 9ft. 2ins. Euros 165. Shipping cost depends on destination.

UZBEKISTAN EMBROIDERY The cotton background is very finely embroidered in cotton and silk with traditional Uzbek motifs. The slit in the central panel indicates that it would have been used to slip over the head of a very small child and used as a bib. Reference 2644. Size 27 x 35cms. 1ft.3in. x 1ft.2in. Euros 12 plus postage.

PERSIAN KILIM from the region of Shiraz in western Persia. Excellent condition without fault. Many shades of madder colour in the weave. Cotton foundation makes it very durable. Reference 2656. Size 229 x 132 cms., or 7ft. 6ins. x 4ft. 4ins. Euros 95. Shipping cost depends on destination.

PAIR OF PERSIAN CUSHION FRONTS, with different Persian scenes. Reference 2324. Size 25 x 20 cms., or 10 x 8 ins. each. Euros 10 the pair plus postage.

RARE OLD BACHTIAR RUG from the Zagros mountains in western Persia. Most unusual design and rich colours. No wear and original ends and sides. Has one tiny reweave in the top border and small stain. Reference 1777. Size 201 x 155 cms., or 6ft. 7ins. x 5ft. 1ins. Euros 120. Shipping depends on destination.

ANTIQUE TEKKE TURKOMAN BAG FACE which was woven in Turkmenistan at the end of the 19th/early 20th century. The bag face has a fine weave and intricate central design of six Turkoman "Guls" or flowers. The pile is low and there are small reweaves along the top border. It can now be gracefully retired and used as a table cover, throw or wall hanging. Originally it was a bag known as "Juval" which are the largest of the Turkoman storage sacks. Reference 2759. Size 73 x 168 cms., or 2ft. 5ins. x 4ft. 6ins. Euros 180.

KILIM / FLAT WEAVE called "Kpoke" and woven by the Mende people in Sierra Leone in West Africa. The women of this group spin the fine cotton required for these kilims but the actual weaving is done by men. Width is achieved by joining together the long strips of cloth and depends on the use the piece is woven for. The colors are wonderful and bright. It will make a versatile throw, sofa or table cover or wall decoration. Reference 2741. Size 287 x 125 cms., or 9ft. 5ins. x 4ft. 2ins. Euros 125. Shipping depends on destination.

SMALL HAND MADE BAG from the northern Hills region of Thailand. Intricate decoration achieved by the use of many beads, shells and a coin. Complete with shoulder trap. Reference 1858. Size 20 x 18 cms., or 8 x 7 inces. Euros 12 plus postage.

VERY UNUSUAL WEAVING, thought to be a table or altar decoration from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The materials used - cotton front, raffia back, cowrie shells and many beads are all found in weaving from this country. Fascinating table cover or wall mounting. Reference 2406. Size 59 x 88 cms., or 2ft. x 2ft. 11 ins. Euros 48 plus postage.

MOROCCAN BERBER MIDDLE ATLAS RUG from the region of Mrirt. A simple, lustrous piece which has been woven completly with madder dyed local wool. The use of the same wool for warps, wefts and knotting is a technique the Beni Mrirt share with their neighbors, the Beni M·guild. An old supple rug to be enjoyed, and great for bare toes. Reference 2784. Size 209 x 95 cms., or 6ft. 10ins. x 3ft. 2ins. Euros 190. Shipping depends on destination.

NORTH WEST PERSIAN KURDISH rug from the region of Sarab. This is a sturdy piece in excellent condition. The medallion design in the centre panel has an unusual depiction of the ram`s horn motif at both top and bottom. The design is often used in the mihrab of Turkoman prayer rugs. Although the rug was woven by Kurds the use of camel hair in the main borders is often found in the rugs from the nearby village of Sarab. Reference 2737. Size 216 x 100 cms., or 7ft. x 3ft. 4ins. Euros 155. Shipping depends on destination.

TURKISH KILIM from the region of Kula in western Anatolia. A small, simple flat weave with pleasant colours which was probably woven to be a cushion cover. Use it to decorate a table or a throw on a bench to add some summer sunshine to your decor. Reference 1832. Size 80 x 32 cms., or 32 x 13 ins. Euros 18 plus postage.

PERSIAN KURDISH FLAT WEAVE/KILIM which is a genuine old piece woven by Kurds in the region of Qazvin north west of Tehran. The kilim is woven with liberal use of undyed goat hair in the foundation and a mixture of goat hair and wool in the design. It is excellent, complete and original. The colours have mellowed and subtle abrash is in the field. Confirmation of origin can be seen where plate 376 on page 191 of the huge text book "Kilims - The Complete Guide" by Hull and Luczyc-Wyhowsk, has virtually identical features. Reference 2738. Size 233 x 137 cms., or 7ft. 7ins. x 4ft. 6ins. Euros 195. Shipping depends on destination.