SPECIAL OFFERS -  southern Spain is very cosmopolitan and I see rugs owned by people from South and Central America, North Africa as well as most of Europe and some Middle Eastern countries. Many transactions occur when customers move from larger to smaller houses or vice versa. I often take rugs as a part exchange which are not in my specialised categories. I am always happy to do this if they are decent, interesting pieces. They are washed if necessary and sold very inexpensively in this section.

Please send any questions or enquiries to me at ldrowcroft@gmail.com


RARE PAIR OF UZBEK TEXTILES which are curious but the circular shapes with the slit in the centers of each cotton panel indicates that they were probably put over the head of a baby and formed a collar or bib. The intricate designs are finely embroidered with multi colored silks. References 2644 and 2643. Sizes approximately 38 cms., or 15 ins. in diameter. Euros 55 the pair.

A LITTLE BIT OF FASCINATING ORIENTAL RUG HISTORY -- 28 copies of "Oriental Rug Review" from the years 1987 to 1993 available as one lot at 5 euros each, total 140 euros. Shipping guidlines - By road to Europe 30 euros. By air to other distant countries 100 euros. Final confirmed shipping cost depends on destination address.

PAIR OF PERSIAN CUSHION FRONTS, with different Persian scenes. Reference 2324. Size 25 x 20 cms., or 10 x 8 ins. each. Euros 10 the pair plus postage.

KILIM / FLAT WEAVE called "Kpoke" and woven by the Mende people in Sierra Leone in West Africa. The women of this group spin the fine cotton required for these kilims but the actual weaving is done by men. Width is achieved by joining together the long strips of cloth and depends on the use the piece is woven for. The colors are wonderful and bright. It will make a versatile throw, sofa or table cover or wall decoration. Reference 2741. Size 287 x 125 cms., or 9ft. 5ins. x 4ft. 2ins. Euros 125. Shipping depends on destination.

SMALL HAND MADE BAG from the northern Hills region of Thailand. Intricate decoration achieved by the use of many beads, shells and a coin. Complete with shoulder trap. Reference 1858. Size 20 x 18 cms., or 8 x 7 inces. Euros 12 plus postage.

VERY UNUSUAL WEAVING, thought to be a table or altar decoration from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The materials used - cotton front, raffia back, cowrie shells and many beads are all found in weaving from this country. Fascinating table cover or wall mounting. Reference 2406. Size 59 x 88 cms., or 2ft. x 2ft. 11 ins. Euros 48 plus postage.

A COLLECTION OF HAND WOVEN CEREMONIAL BERBER TRIBAL BELTS from the Middle and High Atlas mountains. Decorative belts are woven with fine hand spun wools and silk and are sometimes embellished with sequins. Collection will be accompanied by an extensive file of photographs, information on origin, with text book references, and materials used. Shipping depends on destination. Euros 545 for collection of all 7 pieces. Reference 2792.

NORTH WEST PERSIAN KURDISH rug from the region of Sarab. This is a sturdy piece in excellent condition. The medallion design in the centre panel has an unusual depiction of the ram`s horn motif at both top and bottom. The design is often used in the mihrab of Turkoman prayer rugs. Although the rug was woven by Kurds the use of camel hair in the main borders is often found in the rugs from the nearby village of Sarab. Reference 2737. Size 216 x 100 cms., or 7ft. x 3ft. 4ins. Euros 155. Shipping depends on destination.

TURKISH KILIM from the region of Kula in western Anatolia. A small, simple flat weave with pleasant colours which was probably woven to be a cushion cover. Use it to decorate a table or a throw on a bench to add some summer sunshine to your decor. Reference 1832. Size 80 x 32 cms., or 32 x 13 ins. Euros 18 plus postage.

COLLECTION OF OLD AND ANTIQUE HAND MADE RUG WEAVING TOOLS FROM PERSIA, ANATOLIA, AFGHANISTAN AND UZBEKISTAN. All used but still in workable condition. Will make a fascinating rug shop or studio display. Reference 2798. Euros 240 for all 11 items. Shipping depends on destination.

COLLECTION OF OLD AND ANTIQUE HAND CARVED BERBER WOODEN ARTIFACTS, all from the High Atlas mountains south of Marrakech to the edge of the Pre-Sahara. The collection has 3 wooden spoons, 3 holders for kohl, which is a cosmetic used to highlight the eyes, a wooden spindle for twisting wool, one medium and 3 small cedar wood bowls for the storage of saffron, one wooden peg to hang textiles, an inscribed wooden tablet used to record documents by scribes and a very old, used, hand carved comb of thuya wood. Collection will be fully described as to origin, use and function , with text book references and photographs. Reference 2793. Euros 95 for all 15 pieces. Shipping depends on destination.

GROUP OF THREE MOROCCAN BERBER HIGH ATLAS TENT BAGS. Known as "aalau" which is a squarish, partly piled bag usually woven by Berber women of the Ait Bou Ichaouen in the eastern High Atlas. The bag is given to a daughter prior to marriage and is subsequently used to contain either jewellery or clothing or sometimes ready-spun wool. The pieces will be fully described with details of origin, age, use and with photogrphs and text book references. They make sumptuous and stylish cushions. Reference 2794. Euros 120 for all three. Shipping depends on destination..

THREE OLD BERBER CEREMONIAL TEXTILES, all from the region of Zagora in the eastern High Atlas close to the Algerian border. There are two head shawls, each embroidered and decorated with tassels, and one very old embroidery which is worn to the front under the chin and secured round the neck. Reference 2795. Euros 85 for all three. Minimal shipping, depends on destination.

COLLECTION OF THREE OLD BERBER WOODEN BOWLS, each for a different purpose. The one with the strap handle is used to store milk from camels, sheep, goats and cows. The smaller one with a side handle is use as a spoon to scoop grain such as couscous from a sack. The large bowl is a dense wood and (very) antique. Wood is precious and little is discarded in rural Berber society, thus running repairs in the form of two small metal plates have been used to secure a split near the rim. Perfectly normal. Use them and enjoy them. File with photos, information, including text book references, is compiled for the new owner. Reference 2796. Euros 85 for three. Shipping depends on destination.

RARE BERBER MOROCCAN HORSE COVER which I found in a small village in the High Atlas. The owner was also the local dyer and the cover had a few small splashes of the Henna dye he specialized in on the surface. It is very old and has been in use. Along the way it also gathered a few catches and bruises to the ends. However, the age, depth and intensity of colors and its authenticity as a used Berber artefact made up for the disadvantages and I took it. Forgive the blemishes and enjoy it for its overall beauty. Reference 2722. Size 114 x 117 cms., or 3ft. 9ins. x 4ft. 2ins. Euros, only 160.

MOROCCAN CARPET BEATING COMBS two types of these primitive hand crafted wood and metal beating combs are used throughout Morocco in all the villages and tribal areas. Combs with long teeth tend to be used for the coarser rugs while those with a flat metal plate, from which smaller, finer teeth protrude, are used for finer rugs and kilims. For the rug enthusiast they make wonderful evocative paper weights. All are very old or antique. "Splendeurs du Maroc", ` - Musee Royal de l`Afrique Centrale, 1998- page 89 has similar examples and extensive information. References 1935 - 1944, Euros 25 each. Shipping depends on destination. Available as a collection complete, or individually.

A COLLECTION OF COPPER AND BRASS BOWLS AND A WATER JUG which were originally bought in the markets of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in the late 1960·s. All used, old and in good condition. Wonderful interior decorative items. Reference 2797. Euros 220 for all 7 pieces. Shipping depends on destination.

A COLLECTION of 4 fine Indian shawls, 4 very fine silk squares and three Kashmir chain stitched embroidered white cotton squares. The shawls are all approximately 200 x 100 cms., or 6ft. 7ins. x 3ft. 4ins. The silk squares are 50 cms. or 9ins. square. An inepensive mixture which can be used to wear or as throws or table covers. Reference 2818. Euros 74 for all 11 pieces.

RAJESTHAN CUSHION/PILLOW which has a simple, colorful depiction of floral forms. Reference 2809. Size 38 x 28 cms., or 15 x 11 ins. Euros 25. Shipping according to destination.

SKETCH BY DOŅA MARIA TERESA MINGUEZ MASO, student of the Barcelona Institute of Architecture showing the Moorish influence of decorative ceramic tiles on southern Spanish architecture. Reference 2822. Size 42 x 30 cms., or 16 x 12 inches, unframed. Euros 25.

SKETCH BY JUAN ROBERTO VASQUEZ HERERRO, student of the Barcelona Institute of Architecture, showing a tiled panel below a significant column. Richly decorative ceramic tiles date from the Islamic invasion and are a common feature of southern Spanish buildings and survive to this day. Reference 2824. Size 42 x 30 cms., or 16 x 12 ins., unframed. Euros 25.

SKETCH BY JOSEP RIBAS CERVERA, student of the Barcelona Institute of Architecture, showing the decorative ceramic tile work which was handed down by the Moorish invaders. Here it is used throughout this huge communal bathing area. Reference 2823. Size 42 x 30 cms., or 16 x 12 ins., unframed. Euros 25.

SKETCH BY DOŅA MARIA DEL MAR SOLA DIAZ, student of the Barcelona Institute of Architecture and which is part of a portfolio printed by H. S. Hostench, S.A. The drawings show the influence of Islamic architecture and decorative items such as ceramic work on southern Spanish buildings. Here the archways on the upper level as well as the arch for the main entrance for this ancient Bodega are the same as those found today throughout neigbouring Morocco. Reference 2825. Size 42 x 30 cms., or 16 x 12 ins., unframed. Euros 25.