In the daily activity of buying, selling, restoring and valuing rugs and textiles we frequently acquire pieces which owners would like to change or use as a part payment trade-in towards the cost of a different rug.  The variety is enormous, both in type and origin.  Provided that the offered rug is a decent genuine piece we take it into care, wash and first aid as neccessary and list it on this page where it finds a new home.

All are incredibly inexpensive.  We do this to free up cash flow and it also enables us to to have a supply of affordable, fun, rugs for your home decor and enjoyment at negligible affordable cost.

These bargains are priced from 15 euros and all carry our regular guarantees.        Have a browse...............

MOROCCAN MIDDLE ATLAS BERBER RUG. The use of squares and rectangles, as shown here, is peculiar to Berber work from the region of Boujad in the western Middle Atlas. There is a rug in "Marokko" by Kurt Rainer on plate 110 which has identical shades of the red, green and yellow as in this piece. It is attributed to the Beni Mussa Berber sub-tribe. It would make a dramatic wall hanging. Reference 2333. Size 188 x 125cms. 6ft.2in. x 4ft.1in. Euros 95..

OLD ARDEBIL RUG which comes from the region of Azerbaijan in north west Persia and dates from the 1950s. Ardebil pieces usually have softer tones than rugs from this area and feature pastel shades, often pinks and greens. The sides and ends have been bound and the field is intact and original. Reference 3478. Size 130 x 80 cms., or 4ft. 3ins. x 2ft. 8ins. Euros 85.

UNUSUAL KARADJA LONG RUG from the north west corner of Persia in the region of Tabriz. The colours are much more deep and rich compared with the usual brownish tones of Karadja weavings. The tree design in the centre panel is seldom used. There is the Arabic date of 1380 in the top corner of the field. This equates to 1961 in the western calender. Reference 3467. Size 334 x 88 cms., or 11 x 3 feet. Euros 90.

ANTIQUE YAMOUT TURKOMAN HATCHLI. Several tribal groups in Central Asia weave variations of the "Hatchli" which, because of its vigorous use seldom live to antiquity. They serve as the door to the Yurt and are thus hung over the entrance. They are usually longer than the actual opening and have a "skirt" or extra, and often different, designed band of weaving at the bottom. This drags in the dust but acts as insulation from the winds and also keeps the chickens out. The unusual design of four panels in some tribal hatchlis simulates the panels of a wooden door. This antique piece has served its time of active duty, has been gently hand washed and has two options for the new owner. It can be a project for a restorer or retired to a house and used as is, or as a table cover, a throw over a bench or sofa, or even a wall hanging. The sides need securing and there are a few small holes in the field which can be rewoven or just sutured. Reference 3492. Size 163 x 133 cms., or 5ft. 4ins., x 4ft. 5ins. PRICE: AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN AT 125 EUROS, WHATEVER YOU USE IT FOR.

BERBER KILIM / HORSE BLANKET -- The many shades of undyed grey and brown wools used for the base kilim make an attractive background. Two long panels depict gardens and are separated by knotted pile strips depicting pathways. The six urns flanking the central panel are planted with flowers with the same colour as the national flag of Morocco. The cover is from Berbers of the southern section of the High Atlas. Reference 3403. Size 125 x 145 cms., or 4ft. 1ins. x 4ft. 9ins. Euros 140.

BERBER KILIM / HORSE BLANKET - The four panels of the background kilim represent 4 small gardens each separated, and surrounded by, narrow flower beds in full bloom and colour. There are depictions of urns, each with flowers, at regular intervals. This horse cover is from the southern section of the High Atlas. Reference 3402. Size 112 x 148 cms., or 3ft. 8ins. x 4ft. 10ins. Euros 150..

CLOSE UP -- showing a very graceful endless vine filled with opened flower heads which provide colour for the whole piece.

PAKISTAN RUG with Bokhara design. Nice soft wool pile on a cotton foundation. A little wear on one end. Ideal for bathroom, bedside, table cover etc. Reference 3475. Size 92 x 62 ins., or 36 x 24 inches. Euros 15.

OLD AFGHAN RUG which is a sturdy, well woven, example from Northern Afghanistan. The pile is full and the fringes and overcastings on each side are in good and complete condition. This rug is a little faded and the colours have mellowed. It has many years of use ahead of it. Reference 3478. Size 180 x 95 cms., or 6ft. x 3 ft. Euros 85.

MOROCCAN BERBER PILLOW OR CUSHION: Old Berber pieces like this have a dual purpose in the rural huts or tents -- they act as cushions during the day but are pillows at night. This one has been made from an old kilim and originates from the little known Ait bou Ichaouen Berbers in the eastern High Atlas Ideal for a cottagey setting. Reference 2562. Size 56 x 32 cms., or 34 x 24 inches. Euros 10. .

OLD INDIAN TORAN DECORATION. Ceremony is a vital part of Indian life and every participant, human and otherwise, is decorated for the big day. The people, the dwelling, the animals and any form of transport all have their special attire. The "Toran" is used all over India and is a specially shaped textile which hangs over the door of the dwelling where the main event is celebrated. It is is made in the tradtional way, either new for the occasion or rejuvinated with fragments. This is an old example and shows the wealth of wild flowers of the region and the inevitable elephant in the distance. Reference 3454. Size 35 x 184 cms., or 14 x 72 inches. Euros 38.

ANTIQUE BELOUCH/BALOUCH CARPET which would have served as the main floor cover in a Balouch tent. It is from the border region of north west Afghanistan where it meets eastern Iran and is probably from the period of around 1900. The rich madder red still shows its glow and the highlights of mid blue are still giving a lift to the bottom section. Much of the long kilim ends have survived decades of use. Dark colours have the corrosion inevitable with age. There are some small cuts and bruises but this grand old tribal carpet will add character to a new home with understanding owners. Reference 3555. Size 285 x 151 cms., or 9ft. 5 ins. x 5ft. A bargain at euros 120

PAKISTAN RUG with Bokhara design. Nice soft wool pile on a cotton foundation. A little wear on one end. Ideal for bathroom, bedside, table cover etc. Reference 3474. Size 100 x 70 cms., or 39 x 60 inches. Euros 18.

CLOSE UP OF A BORDER SECTION showing both floral designs and colours typical of 19th century rugs from the area of Melas, Megri (now called Fetiyhe since 1920) and the whole Bodrum region of south west Anatolia.

ANTIQUE MELAZ RUG. This is the oldest Melaz we have ever had and dates from the second half of the 19th century. Unfortunatley it is made from two sections joined at the half way of the rug horizontaly. Two areas of the reverse side have been stabilised by covering with an adhesive tape and there is a narrow band of hessian which has been attached to the reverse side along all four borders by hand stitching only. The condition is reflected in the low price and the joy of it is now visual. It should be displayed as a wall hanging or perhaps on a table top cover in the manner of the way some Dutch and Belgium homes have used old rugs like this for centuries. The colours are natural and glow. A piece with similar design elements and colours, although even older, is shown as plate 65 in the excellent text book "Oriental Rugs, Volume 4, Turkish" by Zipper and Fritzche. Reference 3547. Size 147 x 110 cms., or 4ft. 10 ins. x 3ft. 7 inches. Euros 380.

KALAGA VINTAGE APPLIQUE TAPESTRY FROM MYANAMAR (BURMA). Historically these tapestries were made as decorative wall hangings for the Royal Palace and other important buildings. They depict scenes from poems and Buddhist mythology. It is difficult to decide who has the finest clothing and adornment here --- the rider or the elephant. Look closely at the finest items. Sumptuous ceremonial dress for the rider and beautifully embroidered cloth, saddle cover and ropes for the elephant. Reference 3496. Size 50 x 86 cms., or 20 x 34 inches. Euros 120.

CLOSE UP shows one of the pair of pictorial panels which have raised padding underneath to accentuate the flowing designs of clothing and adornments. Extensive use of coloured wire, opaque glass and ceramic beads are used throughout the background field.

HAMADAN RUG from the northern part of Hamadan Province in Persia. The rug dates probably from the 1930s and is in excellent condition with full pile and original sides and ends. The field portrays repeated rows of flowers. There may be some camel wool in the borders. Reference 3563. Size 173 x 100 cms., or 5ft. 9ins. x 3ft. 4ins. Euros, onlx 85.

CLOSE UP SHOWING the brown border which appears to have some camel hair.